TrackLog in Harju Ära 2011 motorcycle orienteering

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TrackLog is proud to provide service for Harju Ära 2011 for their Tallinn motorcycle city race in early June.

Spectators and other interested parties are welcome to join 11.06.2011 @ 12:00 EET in the Harju Ära 2011 event page.

Retro Night Race III

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TrackLog is proud to provide service to Seiklusministeerium in their Retro Night Race III.

Retro Night Race is orienteering competition for cars that were manufactured at least 25 years ago or produced in ex-Soviet Union and takes place during the night (as you may conclude from the event title).

This year it takes place in Tallinn @ May 14th. Get your online experience at Retro Night Race TrackLog page

Sunday is feature day for TrackLog!

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Thanks to a lot of feedback and improvement list given by event organizers and participants and spectators we have released major update to TrackLog.US.

Major updates include (but are not limited to):
- check your (or competitors) full track by clicking on teams name and “Show track”
- download the same track to Google Earth by clicking “Download KML”
- if you choose to “Log in” to TrackLog you can claim the track so your name and picture will appear to team information box (that needs to be confirmed by event organizer)
- you can see now estimated distance for each team that has been tracked
- speed, tail and step options are much more user-friendly than they used to be
- selecting participants group is designed to be more comfortable
- event organizer can choose what kind of information they want to display on map (ie. map overlay for orienteering, markers with different icons, track information, etc)
- better support for Internet Explorer and much optimizations for other browsers

We know that there are no perfect developments so we wait any kind of feedback from all of you, be it good or bad.
Also any kind of items that you think we missed and should have in the platform is much appreciated!

Check out from our events archive to see whats new.

TrackLog + XTsport Winter Rogain = success!

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After Tartu Maraton we were little worried – will another big event be a success or a lesson.

Today’s XTsport Winter Rogain 2011 showed us that through testing, server moving to new region and re-checking of our devices and platform was a 90% success. We reached average location update times of 15 seconds (which in most cases/events is great), we had unfortunate downtime during event of 5 minutes (which we learned to avoid in the future), we had lots of online followers (including some performance issues) and we fixed on the run 3 issues in our front-end to enhance viewers experience.

We are firm believers of full disclosure so these are strong facts that we learn from bad things that happen and we’ll be yet stronger with our next event!

We are grateful to XTsport for using our equipment on live event and being our friend and adviser to make our service perfect.

Also, stay tuned for better user experience with our next web version, the pipeline is growing rapidly, thanks to your feedback. And we welcome any more feedback that you may have, just leave it to the comments or send us a note from contacts found in our main page.

TrackLog goes to XTsport winter rogain

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TrackLog is proud supporter of XTsport Winter Rogain which takes place in Võsu area in Estonia.

We’ll be tracking ~25 teams from each class (our capacity at the moment is limited to this amount per event but this is going to change soon) for everyone to see.

Come join participants and hold your thumbs and see how they are doing @ TrackLog XTsport winter rogain event page!

TrackLog in marine and leisure fair Boat Show XI

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TrackLog is proud to be present in Marine and leisure fair Boat Show XI in Tallinn in Estonian Fairs settlement in Pirita.

You are welcome to stop by and write down the contacts, check the web and get the best out of us :)

You can find us in section C with our good friend and supporter, Port Noblessner.

Meanwhile. If you have not yet, check out a great story about TrackLog from the best Baltic start-up blog, TestMarket by Toivo Tänavsuu.

And last but not least – if we are not there in person – leave your contacts or write us and we’ll get back to you!

(sorry for the bad image quality but we ARE trying to be best real-time tracking company around so at the moment we are not into making the perfect PR images to all of our fans, but the time for perfect photos is not far we hope! :) )

Our first lesson learnt

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TrackLog went public with test event at Tartu Maraton 2011 where we asked 20 participants to take our trackers to the biggest ski marathon event in Estonia.

The race itself was a great success. People from all over Europe skied, organizing was world class. There were more than 8000 people skiing. And this is where we failed. It wasn’t thought through that this amount of cellphones in an area where cell operators usually get 8 people per day would be enough to cover data bandwidth that we needed. So, the signal came in poorly. Also, devices were not configured to save and send data later, when there would be coverage. As a conclusion – the people we tracked did not move quite as we expected around the map, but they were visible! And most of them moved quite smoothly. You can check for yourself and re-play the event at our Tartu Maraton 2011 race archive page.

But, as a test result:
- we had good traction among viewers
- we had lots of feedback and improvement ideas (some of them already implemented) from viewers
- we had great feedback from participants
- we got more quality contacts than we expected
- we improved a lot in our way to prepare for commercial launch of our services

Big thanks to all the people that participated, that looked the race real-time and to those that re-played the event and gave feedback. We appreciate your help. Also thanks to people that promoted our links and drove traffic to our site (which kept up well).

You’ll hear from us soon! :)