Our first lesson learnt

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TrackLog went public with test event at Tartu Maraton 2011 where we asked 20 participants to take our trackers to the biggest ski marathon event in Estonia.

The race itself was a great success. People from all over Europe skied, organizing was world class. There were more than 8000 people skiing. And this is where we failed. It wasn’t thought through that this amount of cellphones in an area where cell operators usually get 8 people per day would be enough to cover data bandwidth that we needed. So, the signal came in poorly. Also, devices were not configured to save and send data later, when there would be coverage. As a conclusion – the people we tracked did not move quite as we expected around the map, but they were visible! And most of them moved quite smoothly. You can check for yourself and re-play the event at our Tartu Maraton 2011 race archive page.

But, as a test result:
- we had good traction among viewers
- we had lots of feedback and improvement ideas (some of them already implemented) from viewers
- we had great feedback from participants
- we got more quality contacts than we expected
- we improved a lot in our way to prepare for commercial launch of our services

Big thanks to all the people that participated, that looked the race real-time and to those that re-played the event and gave feedback. We appreciate your help. Also thanks to people that promoted our links and drove traffic to our site (which kept up well).

You’ll hear from us soon! :)