Sunday is feature day for TrackLog!

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Thanks to a lot of feedback and improvement list given by event organizers and participants and spectators we have released major update to TrackLog.US.

Major updates include (but are not limited to):
- check your (or competitors) full track by clicking on teams name and “Show track”
- download the same track to Google Earth by clicking “Download KML”
- if you choose to “Log in” to TrackLog you can claim the track so your name and picture will appear to team information box (that needs to be confirmed by event organizer)
- you can see now estimated distance for each team that has been tracked
- speed, tail and step options are much more user-friendly than they used to be
- selecting participants group is designed to be more comfortable
- event organizer can choose what kind of information they want to display on map (ie. map overlay for orienteering, markers with different icons, track information, etc)
- better support for Internet Explorer and much optimizations for other browsers

We know that there are no perfect developments so we wait any kind of feedback from all of you, be it good or bad.
Also any kind of items that you think we missed and should have in the platform is much appreciated!

Check out from our events archive to see whats new.

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